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Manuel Antonio is a paradise, where magic is only the beginning, welcoming you with beautiful landscapes, colors, and a very favorable climate, that is why development parcels Manuel Antonio came to open your mind and introduce you to a new business opportunity and a lifestyle that you will love. We were born from the simple need to provide the public with a quality service, excellence and above all professional real estate Manuel Antonio, which puts the needs of customers first, and leads them through a clean, honest and business value process that it will make them feel satisfied.

 With many years in the market we offer all our clients the best service of sale of Manuel Antonio development parcels and Real estate, with commitment, honesty, personalized and complete, that will give you confidence and will make you feel safe at the time of do business, with integrity, transparency and personalized service.

Invest in the best development parcels in Manuel Antonio

In case you did not know the business of the Manuel Antonio development parcels is increasing more and more, it is an incredible investment opportunity. Today there are many businesses that open the doors to thousands of tourists and new entrepreneurs so that your stay in Manuel Antonio is satisfactory, and that your desire to invest are greater, as every time residential projects that are making their way in this beautiful town of Manuel Antonio.

It should be noted that the demand and the value of Manuel Antonio Real Estate are quite high, growing at large scales quickly and now is the best time to invest, since your investment in the Manuel Antonio development parcels will increase with the passage of time, and it will never go down from its initial price.

The area of ​​Manuel Antonio has impressive and majestic views of the ocean, the mountain and the valley, where there are thousands of plots under development parcels Manuel Antonio, which will give you a perfect combination of living in cold elevations, with a very pleasant climate, in the mountains, or with a cooler climate, near the beach, if you are surfers, is ideal for you, where from the balcony of your property see dolphins, or the famous humpback whales and go fishing for a family time! Ideal!



¿Why invest in development plots in Manuel Antonio?


It is no secret that there are many development parcels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, but you will also find many beautiful properties and lots Manuel Antonio near the beach with incredible views that will allow you to feel the cool breeze of the ocean, and that every evening you will see how the sun hides behind the sea, or in the mountains with that flattering climate that fascinates you ¿What causes this? That more and more people want to come to Costa Rica to vacation, live or start business example of them is the sale of development parcels Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rica is a small country, and perhaps for many people it lacks much more to develop, since it has a great potential for quality of life, but that does not take away the great diversity that it offers, especially Manuel Antonio, not only in the natural environment, also the infrastructure, the services, and of course the lifestyle. It is important to choose the location of the property very well, since that provides security, and peace of mind to the client, and it will depend on that you make an investment solid in the Manuel Antonio development parcels.

 It is important to note that before choosing the development parcels in Manuel Antonio Costa rica, as an entrepreneur you must know the bases and land in which you are investing, Manuel Antonio Real estate is quite high, and you will have many options in the market.

Take your business to another level with development parcels Manuel Antonio


As an agency we tell you that it is important to know everything about the property, or Manuel Antonio development parcels that you will acquire, as this is crucial to make a solid investment that is productive for what you want to do, on recommendation the development parcels Manuel Antonio Costa Rica are the best, they do not lose their value over time, and you have the possibility of creating large projects, such as hotels, houses and more.

 The development parcels Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, vary in size, space, area and fertility, since not all the lots Manuel Antonio have fertile land to plant, that is, we must strategically locate the place that suits our needs, and those of our businesses; based on Manuel Antonio real estate studies it was perceived that people like to have beautiful gardens in their properties, since many come to Costa Rica looking for new experiences, and natural environments where to rest and relax.

If you acquire a development parcels Manuel Antonio Costa Rica today, and tomorrow can be double or triple, now imagine it in a few years, you can also build the house of your dreams, with your own rules and designed to your taste, ideal for the whole family, or you can use it as a business to invest in making hotels, cabins overlooking the sea and more, much more, The development parcels Manuel Antonio open a huge world of unique business opportunities and opportunities.

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Manuel Antonio Land for Sale

Manuel Antonio Land for Sale is located in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, a paradisiacal destination, where the luxury house abounds, the properties facing the sea and in the mountains. In our agency you will find a group of qualified realtors who will inform you and guide you in real estate investments in Manuel Antonio giving you greater confidence and security in your purchase of Land for Sale in Manuel Antonio so that your dreams of growing in real estate are everything a success

Lots for sale Manuel Antonio Costa Rica:

Lots for sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica has been positioning little by little among the best real estate agencies in Manuel Antonio, giving you the best lots for sale in Manuel Antonio, offering its clients security, trust, honesty and a guide on investments of real estate purchases in Manuel Antonio, although buying lots for sale in Manuel Antonio is not easy, we make it simple, we are a team that will take you to live the best real estate experience.

Lands for sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Getting a real estate agency in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica can be difficult, even more, that meets all the requirements, trust, security, speed, that is why many people have us as first choice to Land for Sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, since with more than 10 years in the market, we are located in Manuel Antonio, and we have been positioned as one of the best land agencies for sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica having as main objective the satisfaction of our customers.

Land for Sale by owner in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

If you are looking for new business opportunities, or you are looking for sellers for sale in Manuel Antonio you have arrived at the right place, because in Manuel Antonio lots, and farm for sale by the owner, we are your perfect partners, we have a great team of specialized real estate agents, They will provide you with information about what is best for you, your family and your financial stability. When you buy, do it in the hands of the best, with us you will have that source of information that will help you to know what you need about the real estate in Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio houses for sale and lots

Manuel Antonio houses for sale and lots is one of the best real estate agencies in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, with us you will have a wide list of properties for sale in Manuel Antonio, for all tastes, and demands. In the lots for sale that we provide you can specify any development you have as business idea to the house or villa of your dreams to vacation with an ocean view. J.V



When hiring Avendaño Realty to professionally manage their Properties in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We are dedicated to finding the best real estate options in and lots with the best prices in the entire area of Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio Real Estate Services

Our Real Estate services in Manuel Antonio include guidance and advice to buy, rent or sell your Home, Villa or Lot in Manuel Antonio, we help you with assistance with mortgage / mortgage / financing, insurance and legalities, taxes, visas / citizenship / residence , as well as property inspections for local and international buyers.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

We have a variety of houses and villas facing the sea for those holidays dreamed in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We are here to make your vacation a truly memorable experience. We show you our Villas and Vacation Properties collection in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica and contact us for more information.

Manuel Antonio Property Listing

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful areas of the Pacific coast: Every year. If you are looking for a place to rest, we are the reliable solution to find the best properties in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. Our specialty is the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the famous cities of Quepos and Manuel Antonio and its surroundings.


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